Dear Family and Friends and Anyone Else Reading This,

There's a thing I have been somewhat secretive about, because it is illegal, and I've been afraid to go to jail. However, it is important and dear to my heart, and I hate being secretive about anything, much less something I care deeply about.

The thing is this: I have done, plan to do, am exceedingly interested in, and would even full-heartedly recommend to many of my friends, the use of psychedelic drugs, including marijuana, LSD, psilocybin, salvia, ayahuasca, and other's I'm sure, though I haven't tried any others yet.

I'm not sure everyone would value the experience, I only know that I value it more than any other experience I've had by a large margin. I'm happy to discuss my personal experiences with anyone who wants to know.

I'm also not saying these drugs are safe. I would recommend sky-diving too, but I wouldn't say it is safe. I have been concerned about safety, particularly long term mental effects, and all I can say is that given my current understanding of the benefits and risks, I'm still willing to take the drugs myself.

I have been depressed of late, and this is the primary reason. I am interested and passionate about exploring a thing that I think humanity has much to gain from, but I am hindered by legality. I think prohibitions on psychedelic drugs are a prohibition on mental freedom. If I had two choices: A - I die today, but psychedelic drugs become legal; B - I live normally, but psychedelic drugs stay illegal for the next 50 years; for the sake of humanity I would choose A.

I'm not high now. I haven't taken any drugs for a month.
I love you all,
Greg Little